WEEKLY REFLECTION | Little Joyful Things


I don’t need much to bring joy into my days because I’m able to curate the life I want – accountable to no one but myself. Its a pretty sweet situation. If there is no joy I have only myself to blame.

Over the past week, the little joyful things included:

  • Tucker and Finn, of course. They are so silly and make me laugh at their antics, all day long.
  • Daily I receive a ridiculous text from one or more of my kids. It can be an observation of life, an anecdote from their day, part of an overheard conversation, a photo of something they’ve done, created or find interesting. I love their sense of humour and witness their critical thinking skills bring honed while they tease each other in our family group chat.
  • Amy’s Lentil and Vegetable soup is saving me right now. I don’t know what is going on with my digestion lately but something is up. The soup is so soothing and easy on my system. I look forward to my daily bowl.
  • I never thought I’d ever get rid of my Bella Grace, Click or Happinez magazines but I did. They’ve been given to a friend who runs vision board workshops. That brought joy and some space in my family room.
  • More content has been written for my novel-in-progress. I’m enjoying how the story is unfolding. I’m so happy to be making making progress.

  • For a photo shoot in my house I got three funny-leaved indoor plants (I have no idea what they are – just shade tolerant) for my living room planters. They make me smile every time I look into the room.
  • I have kept the television off more than on and can’t remember the last time I watched the news. I like the quiet and my not having my empathy button pushed. I still get the important news but mostly in conversation or via link from one of my kids.
  • I have rededicated attention to my DreamQuest Mastermind program. My enthusiasm had flagged a bit in recent weeks. Now I am tracking my daily commitment to meditate, draw cards, read, attend group calls and journal. This has been such a positive process, it has brought me a lot of joy over the past few months. There are five weeks left and I want to give it my all and finish strong.
  • Myofascial release balls are a wonder. Sitting on them is not a joyful experience but once they’ve worked their magic, wow, that is true pain free happiness.
  • My calendar is updated – so many events to look forward to in the year ahead!

What were your little joyful things this week?

Over the years I’ve spent much of my time focused on my desires and too little time on what had already transpired. As much as I aspire to live in a state of gratitude, by living a life of “onward” I find I spend too much time focused on “more” and “what’s next” without an appreciation for what has already been accomplished. I found a list of reflections in the Breathe Magazine Special Journal that looked like a nice reminder to take notice of the things around me. It also serves as a good reminder of my One Little Word: SLOW, I want to spent more time reflecting on my surroundings and opportunities – take more in, consider different points of view.