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At the first of the month I wrote a pivotal 3,900 words for my novel-in-progress which had an interesting and unexpected reaction in my guided critique class. I was put off balance and confused.

I thought about it for a couple of weeks. I made no changes and put it aside to deal with later.

Instead, I wrote.

Following my outline – which is loose and ever-changing – I managed to complete five new scenes which totaled 14,000 words. In three days. The story just poured out of me.

I’ve come to realize that this is simply a first draft. Indeed, in the words of Anne Lamott, it promises to be a shitty first draft. But if I get hung up on the opinions of others I’ll stop writing and then I won’t have any draft.

So this week I managed to pick myself, dust myself off and write. A lot.

Now to catch up on life and laundry!

Over the years I’ve spent much of my time focused on my desires and too little time on what had already transpired. As much as I aspire to live in a state of gratitude, by living a life of “onward” I find I spend too much time focused on “more” and “what’s next” without an appreciation for what has already been accomplished. I found a list of reflections in the Breathe Magazine Special Journal that looked like a nice reminder to take notice of the things around me. It also serves as a good reminder of my One Little Word: SLOW, I want to spent more time reflecting on my surroundings and opportunities – take more in, consider different points of view.


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      Thanks so much, Mary! I’m exhausted. xoL