WEEKLY REFLECTION | Biggest Obstacle Overcome


The weather.

The weather professionals called it a Polar Vortex. We got down to a real temperature (includes wind chill) of -40° which is the same on both the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. I’ve had my fireplace on every day for over a week and barely managed to coax the dogs to go out to do their business. The only benefit of the frigid temperatures is that they’re quick when it’s that cold! My preference is always for colder weather in the winter (and in the summer) as it brings bright blue skies and sunshine.

I did manage to leave the house every single day in order to get the dogs to the groomer, to my guided critique class, the grocery store, to the vet with both beasts, to Cole’s birthday dinner, then gas up the truck (boy was that a frigid experience!), solo dinner at the Oakville Club (people watching is one of my most favourite past times), off to the Toronto Gift Trade Show and to a much needed (and appreciated) reiki session.

I complained, in my head, but managed to surprise myself. I could have very easily stayed in my pajamas at home and ordered in food, cancelled my appointments and huddled up with a book and pups at my feet. Wow, maybe next time? Not really, I’ve learned that being home alone with two dogs demands that I get out of the house regularly so as to not go stir crazy! God help you if you’re the first human I’ve seen in a day! Honestly, just tell me to shut up – I will completely understand.

As for the weather? I have chosen to live here. I could live anywhere and until I find somewhere better this cooler weather trend is something I’ll have to get used to. There is no bad weather just bad clothing choices!

On the bright side? I did manage to finalize my dates for my annual trip to Arizona with my sister. It’s always good to have something to look forward to and I’m really good at making plans. (I’ve gotta have at least one superpower, right?)

The storm before the cold:

In English we have one word for snow: snow. The Inuit have over 50! Having heard the difference in the sounds of snow underfoot as the temperatures dropped I’d like to have a few more words myself.

Over the years I’ve spent much of my time focused on my desires and too little time on what had already transpired. As much as I aspire to live in a state of gratitude, by living a life of “onward” I find I spend too much time focused on “more” and “what’s next” without an appreciation for what has already been accomplished. I found a list of reflections in the Breathe Magazine Special Journal that looked like a nice reminder to take notice of the things around me. It also serves as a good reminder of my One Little Word: SLOW, I want to spent more time reflecting on my surroundings and opportunities – take more in, consider different points of view.