The best hour of my many choices through the week was the one after dropping Chloé off at the airport at 5:30AM for her 8:30AM flight to Heathrow. George (Caden’s boarding roommate) left the day before to spend time with his parents before heading back to Philadelphia, Caden had left on Sunday to go back to residence at UofT, and Claire and Cole haven’t been home since the New Year.

I got home around 6AM to a completely silent house, save the dogs who wanted to be let out.

I didn’t turn on the SONOS or the television. I did turn on the kettle and made myself a cup of hot tea and put it in my wide mouth Swell bottle to stay warm. I challenged myself to do something really hard: stay still. No pencil, no pad of paper, just still. I ignored the dishes in the sink from last night’s dinner, I ignored the piles of papers and books on the counter, I ignored the pillows on the floor except for those I sat down upon.

This is my welcome to the year ahead.

Alone. Blissfully solo. No one in the house but the beasties and me.

I set the alarm on my phone for one hour (in case I fell asleep – 5AM is early!), put my headphones in my ears (something I am loathe to do when there are people in the house) and listened to the HeartWave Meditation from iAwake Technologies.

I had gotten away from so many healthy practices while the kids were home over the holidays. I’d like to not do that in the future, make them work around me and my schedule instead of the other way around. Top of my list is to reintroduce meditation – twice a day for at least 20-minutes each session. Mind you, there are a few things I did well while they were home – I ate better. Now to find a happy balance and keep all of the stuff that is good for me!

Over the years I’ve spent much of my time focused on my desires and too little time on what had already transpired. As much as I aspire to live in a state of gratitude, by living a life of “onward” I find I spend too much time focused on “more” and “what’s next” without an appreciation for what has already been accomplished. I found a list of reflections in the Breathe Magazine Special Journal that looked like a nice reminder to take notice of the things around me. It also serves as a good reminder of my One Little Word: SLOW, I want to spent more time reflecting on my surroundings and opportunities – take more in, consider different points of view.