These Days | October


these days i have finally had enough of the green screen on the television indicating that the cable was down every few minutes. my only other option is bell so cogeco is cancelled and fibe is scheduled to be installed. then the cloud 9 guys will come and make sure it all works. it is all so complicated.

these days it’s officially autumn, the furnace is on and the windows shut until spring.

these days the notecards are all printed and i am busy assembling them with envelopes, stickers and mini business cards. i’m starting with ten of my favourite emotion evoking shots and we’ll see how it goes from there. kenda has all she needs, i hope, and the site will be up-and-running soon.

these days sound reiki is a modality that really resonates in me. i’m taking level two up at joshua creek heritage art centre and am looking forward to earning the master level in november so that i can add it to my ever increasing woo tool kit.

these days there are oodles of big and small chores happening around the house: the bbq hose is being fixed and the whole thing cleaned up, the gutters and soffits are being cleaned out, the house power washed, the windows cleaned and screens washed and stored. home ownership is never ending maintenance.

these days my favourite, dr brené brown has published another book, dare to lead. she also has an extensive support website which includes an interactive leadership assessment. i’m all about the tests! happily i scored 8s rather than 3s. though i no longer work in an office environment i like learning from all of dr. brown’s books and i can apply a number of the principles to my life as the head of my little family.

these days i’m receiving multiple phone calls a day from my kids. i’m so happy they look to me for support and i love that they let me continue as their greatest cheerleader.

these days i have been attempting to master lamb – and i think i’ve got it! it’s tricky but the results are worth it.

these days i’ve added my complete ‘never outs’ grocery list to the fortino’s website. (after growing up and working in the grocery industry, shopping is not my favourite chore.) this way i can order and pick up my groceries and only shop for my fresh items.

these days my shoulder still aches so i’ve stepped up my care a notch or ten. added to my personal training with jackie twice a week, chiropractic care four times a week, physio every day, massage once a week – i’m going for acupuncture and cranio-sacral therapy with edwin galeano who is able to bridge the healing of my body with meditation and mindful practices that align with my current practices.

these days are filled with reading and writing. i am taking my regular tuesday class with quick brown fox, continuing studies online with the university of toronto, copy cure with marie forleo,  as well as the masterclass with margaret atwood and malcolm gladwell (to start – there are many more classes just waiting to be taken). i wish there were more hours in the day!

these days many travel plans are underway. it is fun to have all these dreams come true, but it is a logistical nightmare to keep track of the comings and goings of everyone.

these days i’m running out of space on my macbook pro and wonder what i need to do to clear things out. i’m loathe to have to buy another computer. maybe another external hard drive for my projects? it’s a conundrum. time to visit dean down at core1.

these days we’re making progress on the purge and organize front now that the storage locker has been completely cleared out. it’s one less thing on my mind. now to focus on the room-by-room master list.

these days i’m coming down with something. i doesn’t feel like allergies though that might be part of it. i’m both tired and dizzy and have had to cancel a few events i was really looking forward to attending.