THESE DAYS | November


these days tucker is regularly at the vet with ear infections. he’s on some liquid that i squirt in his ears, pills, regular cleanings and we’ve changed his food. i hope something starts to work soon. poor buddy is in so much pain.

these days i’m settling on dates for canyon ranch next spring with my sister beth. this will be our 8th visit!

these days claire has secured a paying gig for her ‘externship’ at george brown. i’m super proud of her.

these days so many photos! my time in charleston was fabulous, what a wonderful city. it’s like new orleans without the dark energy. i had a lovely few days and hope to return. in the meantime i have over 500 photos to wrestle and find the best ones. the city and area is so lovely it was hard to take a bad shot. a photographers dream or nightmare.

these days i’m doing my best to keep up with the reading and assignments for my u of t continuing studies course in creative writing. it’s the reading that takes all the time! my fingers are crossed i get a ‘p’ in the course.

these days cole has impressed me with the care he’s taken in choosing a variety of books as his christmas gifts.

these days i’m frustrated that my desire map calendar has not yet arrived. i’m the type who plans things 3-6 months in advance. to not have a calendar at this point of the year (ordered in August!) leaves me discombobulated. mind you, i do have my productivity calendar, my get to work book that follows the academic year, it’s in full swing!

these days i’ve ascended to sound reiki® master. it’s a fascinating modality and i’m incorporating it into my daily practice. my woo tool kit is increasing! i’m also looking forward to the soul child course coming up in january.

these days chloé is finding her people. no more square peg, she just needs the occasional not so gentle reminder that she is enough. to quote her brother “she is a fierce force” and that’s a good thing.

these days after a kerfuffle with the bank, i’ve re-written all of the cheques for cole’s rent.

these days i’m putting together the editorial calendar for the blog for next year. what will i keep? what will go? what will i add? so many decisions! that in combination with the direction of my site. lots to consider.

these days caden is rethinking his choices and his future, as one does mid-way through first year. it’s his life, not mine. it is within that context i ask questions so he can make informed decisions.

these days though behind on my nanowrimo word count, i’m writing or editing diligently every day. writing is definitely going to be my priority project for 2019. i might even submit a piece or ten.

these days the town is covered in leaves that haven’t been picked up because of the weather – rain and snow. the cedar springs maintenance guy says it’s the worst autumn in years for getting anything done. i’m so glad they haul most of my leaves away.

these days i’m re-evaluating all of the courses, projects, mailing lists, challenges, ideas, boxes, clubs. all of it. it is clear i take on too much and the clutter of it all is exhausting. time to scale back and focus on only a few things for a while – or maybe forever. i need to get over the idea that i’ll be missing out if i don’t sign up for things. “what is meant for me will not pass me by” is my new mantra!