these days i am enjoying watching the stanley cup playoffs. is it awful that this is my hockey season? now that i am older it really is all about the playoffs. it’s a season of it’s own. i don’t even care who plays, i simply enjoy watching hockey. won’t it be something if los vegas wins?

these days progress is being made in the back yard. apparently there is a lot of water and we ended up having to change strategy right at the start. i wonder how that’ll effect the final bill?

these days evening creative writing class at sheridan is proving enjoyable. it’s an introductory course and it is reinforcing the basics. the only hard part is staying up until 10pm!

these days focus on photos + words took the form of my annual play-along with ali edwards‘ week in the life project. it was a real challenge this year making sure all of the photos were not of dogs and cups of tea.

these days i’m trying to read as much as i can. apparently i prefer “commercial literary fiction”. sounds accurate. now to write it! though right now i’m simply happy to read good fiction. it’ll make me a better writer.

these days i have all of the supplies i need for my boozy brunch for book lovers. it won’t be until september but i do enjoy planning and getting everything organized to the last detail for gatherings!

these days my sonos system continues to challenge me. normally i am good with techy stuff but it refuses to play what i want to hear. i may have to change streaming services. sigh.

these days my allergies are keeping me stuffy and headachy. i’m doubling my dose of aerius in the yellow box which has become useless this year. and i’m using my puffers far too much. from year to year how can i forget how awful allergy season is, and yet i do.

these days i’m purging as part of my annual spring clean: magazines, clothes, shoes, books, make up, kitchen things from food to gadgets. if an item doesn’t add some value (mind, body, soul) to my life it gets tossed.

these days with her exams almost over, chloé is all set up with a summer membership to the club. caden will keep his, even through next year. he may be the only one who will come home to visit his mama. who am i kidding? he’ll visit his dogs first, then mama. the way it’s supposed to be!

these days i’m so proud of caden for choosing to attend u of t next year for their actuarial program. it was a huge surprise but a decision he can own 100% which is the way it should be. he has even decided on his intramural activities: volleyball, dodgeball and ultimate. i love how he is already planning to have fun!

these days plans are being made for my fur boys to attend boot camp. everyone is in agreement that they are sweet beasts but tucker has a terrible new habit of whining loudly when meeting new people, it’s like he’s going out of his skin as he tries to jump on them. it has to stop. with the back yard all torn up the timing is perfect for them to go away.

these days i’m looking forward to participating in the hay house events in toronto. i have tickets to see dr. joe dispenza and colette baron-reid. time to get back into my woo ways!

these days i continue to see the chiropractor (4x each week) and massage therapist (1x each week) to better manage my frozen shoulder. i’m tired of pain being my natural state.