these days my backyard is being demolished to make space for more function and beauty this summer and every summer going forward. who needs a cottage?

these days the new curtains in the living and dining room have provided some much needed privacy. i am silently thankful for them each time i run to the laundry in my skivvies because i forgot something!

these days listening to chloé tell stories of life in edinburgh gives me a chuckle or eye roll. each story consistently includes alcohol, boys and laughter.

these days i’m overwhelmed and grateful for all of the positive – and some yet to be discovered – impact of the tragic loss of players and more who were members of the humboldt broncos. grief is a tremendous process.

these days the entire soundtrack of come from away is on repeat in my head. such a good show.

these days sleep is a focus – i’m trying to get a minimum of 8-hours every night. so far I’ve managed 8+ in the last 5 out of 7 nights. my fitbit ionic is a great tracker. works in water, too!

these days writing every day as part of #the100dayproject has proven to be a true challenge. i’m focused on telling the small stories that have made up my life. finding clarity while revisiting some old wounds and triumphs. i’ve adjusted my minimum from 500 to 100 words each day. some days are tougher than others. this process has proven that stories do not have to be long to have lasting impact.

these days i move more with the help of jackie coming to the house 2x each week. this month has been filled with travel so i’m trying to do the exercises and stretches without her. proof i need her live and in person!

these days i’m posting on instagram my #aprillove2018 photos. i enjoy susannah conway‘s annual hashtag challenges. i really need to post on instagram more!

these days employment plans are underway for the summer and beyond for claire and cole.

these days exam preparation is happening for all.

these days the imminent arrival of my new get to work book as well as my at-a-glance academic planner is anticipated. i am creatively armed with coloured flair pens, washi tape, cathy zielske stamps, inks and oodles of ideas. time to get them all down on paper! then make them real.

these days winter has a firm grip on our southern ontario weather. in general, i am a fearless driver but the trip home from our holiday in turks & caicos from the toronto airport (after being diverted to montréal and then back to pearson) was just about the most scary 45 minute drive of my life.