g*list | november

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grateful. for friends willing to take my temple grandin tickets. i just couldn’t go. grateful. for shack shine who came to clean the gutters and wash the windows. grateful. to attend a writing retreat at the briars in jackson’s point. … Read More

g*list | october

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grateful. to kenda for fixing the blog! i’m definitely a user of technology. how it works? i haven’t a clue. grateful. for a dip in the temperature and humidity. i hope it stays cooler. (ugh, just had to wait a … Read More

g*list | september

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grateful. chloé has landed and is all settled into her new flat in edinburgh. the challenge of homey begins! grateful. mums don’t get many parenting report cards. to me my empty nest means i’ve done something well. grateful. for a … Read More

g*list | august

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grateful. to book in a full service maintenance crew for the property. a relief! grateful. to enjoy the regular check-in calls from the boys as they drove to cape cod. grateful. for another photography challenge in the form of #augustbreak2018 … Read More

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