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January is all about setting up and making a home for my word of the year, SLOW. Slow showed up in November and I liked how it felt. It didn’t take much to decide that I need more slow in my life.

Since 2009 I have participated in the Ali Edwards led creative activity with varying degrees of success. All revealed lessons – some painful, some simple, more often than not they were all valuable. It is always a surprise how one single word can have such profound impact on my year. I am a word person and enjoy how this creative approach helps me explore my inner and outer worlds.


2010 FOCUS

2011 DO

2012 OPEN


2014 GRACE

2015 FLOW

2016 LIGHT

2017 PLAY

2018 BE

2019 SLOW

What about you? Are you a word person or a resolution person?

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  1. Emine

    Fabulous dear. I will be sharing my hybrid pages and OLW journal tomorrow.

    Happy playing with your word

    Kind Regards,

    • Lee

      I look forward to seeing them! Thanks for visiting. xoL