MEMORY KEEPING | August 2018

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Another month is in the book – almost. At least the pages for August have been created:

When it comes time to pull 2018 all together, August, as well as many other months will include many of the “extras” I create each month: Day in the Life, birthday pages, my g*list blog posts as well as any special blog entries, photography challenges, big events – in the case of August was OraclePalooza, but what happens at OP stays in Austin. So far I’m up to 77 pages for 2018! I wonder what will happen next month when my nest is empty? Will I even be able to pull together 4 pages? I wonder.

As always, many thanks to the incomparable Cathy Zielske and her Scrapbook Your Year system. It has made my love of saving our stories so much more functional and easy. I do love this clean and simple approach.

How do you save and share your stories?