HELLO MONDAY | 24.12.17

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HELLO READING | There are a couple of books – physical volumes – I purchased over the year that are in my to-be-read pile. Now they are in my to-be-packed pile. I’m excited that they’re closer to being consumed! I’m hoping for it to be a kick start to my year of reading, with a boost from this reading challenge.

HELLO SUNSHINE | We are running out of new places to go! I’m looking forward to getting away. It has been so gloomy during the day and gets dark so early it’ll be nice to soak in some light.

HELLO MARGARITAS | How do I know I’m on vacation? Tequila!

HELLO DAYDREAMING | With the sound of the ocean in the background, I hope to let my mind wander in no particular direction. I wonder where it will go?

HELLO UNRAVELING | My annual project is provided by Susannah Conway. I had it printed up at Blurb in a magazine format and plan on spending some time reflecting and considering the always thought provoking questions.

HELLO MONDAY | You are my favourite day of the week. I love that you provide me with 52 fresh starts every year.

To what are you saying hello on this brand new Monday?