HELLO MONDAY | 22.10.18

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HELLO BELL | For the last year or so Cogeco has been a nightmare. I finally got tired of the signal being dropped and the green screen so Bell is coming to install their Fibe system. Cloud 9 is also scheduled to make sure everything works with the Sonos. The “easier” things are the more complicated they become.

HELLO ELECTION | We are having a municipal election and I’m terribly conflicted. I’d like to take bits and pieces from all platforms to come up with one that works for me. Since I can’t do that I have to figure out who to choose to give my vote. I’m happy for the opportunity just disappointed in my choices.

HELLO PROPERTY CARE | The gas is finally working on the bbq – now it’s going to be cleaned. The service is coming to clean the windows, the gutters and soffits and all the other parts for which I can’t believe I know the actual names. Time to shut things down for the season.

HELLO CROFT | My sister is headed out of town with her family so we get her Portuguese water dog for a visit. I’m glad all our canine boys get along!

HELLO ORACLE CARD PARTY | I’m looking forward to sharing this new lexicon – a language of symbols and metaphors to connect with the Conscious Universe – with friends. The cards act as a mirror, a GPS system, a radio for direct dialogue with your higher self – intimately, directly and personally. It promises to be a fascinating evening.

HELLO MONDAY | You are my favourite day of the week. I love that you provide me with 52 fresh starts every year.

To what are you saying hello on this brand new Monday?