HELLO MONDAY | 12.03.18

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HELLO DAY IN THE LIFE | Most of our lives are lived in small, seemingly insignificant, moments. It’s important to me to capture and record not just the highlights of my life but the ordinary of it, too. Upon reflection (flipping through our albums) it gives a real feeling and understanding of how we show up every day.

HELLO SHORT PIECE | As this recent intensive writing course winds down, I’m glad to finish it off with a new short piece that will bring me into the the body of my book. A nice advantage to have before the next course starts!

HELLO BOOKS | So many books! My Kindle is bursting with fiction. My counters are piled with non-fiction. Like everything else, how can I find time to read? I need to MAKE time. Less clicking and more flipping! 

HELLO MEDITATION | I’ve gotten away from my daily practice and lately manage to meditate maybe 3 or 4 times a week. Along with that, I’ve also gotten away from other practices that have been so good for me. What have I been doing? Indulging in the inertia of late winter. Time to put it all on the calendar and get back on track – doing the things I know are good for me.

HELLO SPRING CLEANING | The 2018 Master List of chores and changes is complete. Time to start ticking off the boxes. This annual project is both endless and exhausting, but the process and results will be worth it when it’s done! What lessons will this season hold?

HELLO MONDAY | You are my favourite day of the week. I love that you provide me with 52 fresh starts every year.

To what are you saying hello on this brand new Monday?

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  1. Katrina

    I’m planning to play along with a Day in the Life, also. Can’t wait to see how you capture!

    • Lee

      I don’t follow Ali’s schedule since hers are more sporadic and spontaneous, both words make me itchy! I enjoyed recording it yesterday and will post on Thursday. So happy to see you here! xoL