HELLO MONDAY | 08.01.18

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HELLO BACK TO SCHOOL | The winter break is officially over with Claire and Cole back in Toronto, Chloé off to Edinburgh and Caden down the street in boarding. The house is going to be quiet with just me and the mutts!

HELLO CHIROPRACTOR | Progress report should let me know why I’m not improving as quickly as I’d like. Though I’m going daily for my overall health, it would be nice to have less pain instead of the constant ache.

HELLO HAND SURGEON | This appointment is a formality as paperwork cannot be older than 3-months in order to have surgery. Looks like it’ll be in March. Goodbye witch finger!

HELLO CATCH UPS | This week is filled with dinners, lunches and teas with my girlfriends to catch up on all the happenings in our lives over the break.

HELLO DOG GROOMER | I adore my Australian Labradoodles, but I don’t like when their hair gets too long and they cannot see what’s going on around them. Time for a good wash and clip.

HELLO MONDAY | You are my favourite day of the week. I love that you provide me with 52 fresh starts every year.

To what are you saying hello on this brand new Monday?

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  1. cynthia lee

    a wonderful way to start your week!

    • Lee

      It is! xoL