HELLO MONDAY | 01.12.14


HELLO MAMA EARTH ORGANICS |  My first order has been placed and I’m looking forward to getting more fresh vegetables into my life. I love that it is a simple process and the product (and extras) arrive right to my door. I’m especially looking forward to trying some unique and different fruit and vegetable offerings. This week? I’ve ordered two nectarcots. Sounds yummy!

HELLO DECORATIONS | Sort, toss, sort, toss. Then I’ll put some up around the house.

HELLO #REVERB & DECEMBER DAILY | There will be plenty of reflecting and manifesting around here starting this week. For the month ahead I get to enjoy writing prompts and creative expression. What can be better than that?

HELLO REVIEW DAYS & EXAMS | Tension is running high. I’ve asked them all to make sure they review their study notes and use the review days to address any holes – or areas they do not understand – directly with their teachers. The first exam – English for all three – is on Saturday.

HELLO NATUROPATH | Lets get me cleared enough so I can enjoy eggs sometime soon. My kingdom for a poached egg on toast!

HELLO ENERGY EXPO | I’m looking forward to learning more about what is “out there” and available.

HELLO KUNDALINI YOGA | Oh how I have missed these healing sessions the last week. Too many conflicts have kept me away from the studio and I’ll be glad to get back at it.

HELLO CHRISTMAS LISTS | If I was ever in doubt that I live in a home filled with teenagers, their Christmas lists leave me certain they are all indeed still kids.

HELLO GIRLFRIENDS | I am looking forward to our annual holiday lunch!

HELLO MONDAY | You are my favourite day of the week. I love that you provide me with 52 fresh starts every year.

What are you saying hello to on this brand new Monday?
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