GOALS | November 2018



NANOWRIMO: I’m still deciding on whether or not to start a whole new novel (I have a few ideas) or write a story a day for 30 days and see what comes up. No matter what, I have 30-days of intense and focused writing ahead.

HIBERNATION PREP: The darkness descends and for the next few months I plan to embrace all the good things that come with it: find some new comfort food recipes, binge watch series new to me, buy some funky outfits, maybe even a tasty after dinner or afternoon by the fireplace drink. I’m open to stay open to whatever opportunities arise. (Last winter and spring I did my best to get out of the house and engage, it was exhausting!)

SCARVES AND OTHER ITEMS: I’m hoping to source some complementary items to go with my photography offering on the upcoming site. My plan is to start with some scarves then maybe branch into other items, but what? That’s the goal, figure it out. And then the hard part, source it! Any input is welcome!

EFRESH MEALS: For a few months I used efresh meals and really liked them. Technical difficulties and travel got in the way so I stopped. I’m going check them out and start again.

* * * * *

Here’s the accountability piece:


WEBSITE UPDATE: As my focus moves away from Desire Map facilitation and clarity coaching (clients really do not want to do the work and I’m tired of being the one tossing and turning on their behalf) and more toward my creative side it’s time to update my website to reflect my evolution. The update will happen in conjunction with the Card and Canvas project (below). It’s all mapped out and ready to go!

CARD AND CANVAS PROJECT: I’ve been playing with this idea for a while and it’s time to dive in. I have a catalogue of 150 photos to turn into notecards, journals and canvas. Now to get the social media support built, produce the product and plan the marketing and distribution (and likely more that I haven’t yet considered). Wish me luck! A plan has been put together and with the help of the incredible Kenda a Shopify account is now open and things are in the works. Nothing is simple about this simple project (especially when you add in the scope of the added website change).

BOOKS, AND MORE BOOKS: The big bookshelf in the basement needed to be emptied in order to move it for the painters resulting in books on the pool table that “don’t fit” back on shelves. After a miscommunication now all of the books are off the bookshelf in my office. Literally hundreds of books where they don’t belong. Perfect opportunity to PURGE and donate in order to keep only the books I know and love. This was a bit ambitious as a simple goal this month given all the other things I had going on. The books are still waiting to be sorted and purged. There’s always November!

CONTROL JOURNALS: As is my habit, a few months ago I went and purchased all of the parts to create Control Journals for each of my kids. Only they can personalize for themselves, all I have to do is provide them with some basic structure. Those binders, dividers, plastic sleeves, etc. sit unassembled in a (surprise!) pile. I have to pull it together and send one off to each of them! All done! Well, except for the sending off part. I’ll get to it!


I quite enjoy these “goal” posts. They keep me motivated and accountable. A great combination!