GOALS | January 2019



KRIPALU. I’m taking Chloé to see (but mostly hear) Colette Baron-Reid. The theme of the weekend is Your Year of Divine Destiny. I look forward to what Chloé gets out of the weekend through readings, intuitive coaching, exercises, and creative life mapping. I wonder what deepest desires will be called into form?

WEBSITE. Now that I am clear on my direction going forward, it’s time to update my website offerings. I have learned so much in the last few years and instead of keeping it all to myself, I want to share it with as many people as are interested in benefiting from my unique intuitive skill set.

FIT + FLEXIBLE. Jackie, my personal trainer, has been coming to see me twice a week for a few months. Now I have her booked for an hour three sessions a week. I’m also planning on walking the dogs twice a day (and not cheating by just letting them out into the back yard) and stretching first thing in the morning and before I go to bed at night. I may not lose weight but I’ll feel better!

GIFT FAIR. I have plans for my Shopify site and want to find more local manufacturers in order to include more product choices using my images. I am looking forward to finding inspiration at the gift fair.

* * * * *

Here’s the accountability piece:


PLANNING. I will spend some time deciding what I want in my life in 2019. Do I need to take all the courses I sign up for or can I simply sign up for one or two? Do I always need to have a project or ten on the go or can I get the same joy from doing less? What do I want to invite in my life and what do I want to reject? How will I show up next year? It’s time to get clear on my intentions. I do believe I’ve come up with a framework which primarily requires me to cut back on manufactured obligations and choose to do the things that resonate with me. Minimize and simplify in order to maximize and embrace my life with profound gratitude and joy every single day.

READING. I’ve been told that in order to be a good writer you have to be a good reader. I’ve been so focused on self-help, neuroscience and woo over the past five years that I haven’t taken the time to read what I want to write – which is (elevated) women’s commercial fiction, à la Alice Hoffman, Liane Moriarty and Sarah Addison Allen. I have more than a few piles of to-be-read books to get me started. During our holiday in Grenada I managed to finish a book! A big one, over 400 pages! In three days! At that rate I could read 121 books a year. Realistically, I hope to read at least two each month.

WORD. This will be my eleventh time choosing a guiding word for my year. At least I know I can stick with something! Last year was “Be” and it taught me a lot of lessons I needed to learn. Right now I’m leaning toward the word SLOW. I need more slow in my life. I need to give myself permission to observe and be more mindful of everything and every one around me. I fell completely in love with Charleston and I want to keep the feeling of that place with me through the year. SLOW it is. It is my hope that my one little word will give me opportunities I don’t see when I’m multi-tasking and going in ten directions at once.

GET AWAY. I find the holidays overwhelming. The only way for this time of year to be low-key and quiet is to escape to other parts of the world. It really removes the noise of daily distractions and provides an opportunity for to focus on the things that are important. I plan to be fully present and enjoy time with my family over the holiday season. What a wonderful break. Seven days on the beach in the heat of Grenada was exactly the quiet time we needed after a hectic first term.

* * * * *

I quite enjoy these “goal” posts. They keep me motivated and accountable. A great combination!