GOALS | February 2019



ORGANIZE. The piles are driving me bonkers – magazines, books, projects. I need to carve out some time and just get rid of the visual clutter. Gotta purge, purge, purge. I have only one trip away, for four days, in the next month. Time to focus on putting my home together.

READ. I finished a couple of books last month or two – it was nice to read for pure enjoyment again. That was short lived, I’ll be doing a lot of mandatory reading now that my UofT Continuing Studies course – Creative Writing Through Reading – is getting underway. It is the second of three required courses to earn my certification. There promises to be a lot of reading and I hope to write some short pieces worthy of submission through this course.

WRITE. I’m back in my QBF Tuesday class and it’s nice to have a routine. The structure is that over ten weeks I will submit 5 pieces (2 long, approximately 3,500 words; and, 3 short, over 800 less than 1,500 words). They are peer reviewed and we all submit critiques to each other. Brian moderates and offers constructive feedback on all of the long pieces. I am hoping to have this push me to finish a few more chapters in my novel in progress.

SCHEDULE. There are always things to do around the house. The everyday projects and then the big projects that need to be scheduled. I’ve gone through the house and identified all of the areas that need to be addressed and now it’s time to map it all out, call the professionals and schedule. Once that’s done I can relax until the calendar tells me to engage.

* * * * *

Here’s the accountability piece:


KRIPALU. I’m taking Chloé to see (but mostly hear) Colette Baron-Reid. The theme of the weekend is Your Year of Divine Destiny. I look forward to what Chloé gets out of the weekend through readings, intuitive coaching, exercises, and creative life mapping. I wonder what deepest desires will be called into form? It was a good idea but, alas, we blew a tire outside of Syracuse. Chloé was too nervous to keep going so in order for her to feel more comfortable we headed back home. Next year!

WEBSITE. Now that I am clear on my direction going forward, it’s time to update my website offerings. I have learned so much in the last few years and instead of keeping it all to myself, I want to share it with as many people as are interested in benefiting from my unique intuitive skill set. Pages of updates were sent to the brilliant Kenda during the first full work week of the  year. A lot of the updates have been made. I’ve even added (finally) a services option! There is still a lot to be done, including my figuring out the Acuity software, but it’ll get there.

FIT + FLEXIBLE. Jackie, my personal trainer, has been coming to see me twice a week for a few months. Now I have her booked for an hour three sessions a week. I’m also planning on walking the dogs twice a day (and not cheating by just letting them out into the back yard) and stretching first thing in the morning and before I go to bed at night. I may not lose weight but I’ll feel better! Jackie does come three times a week and I’m doing my best to stretch every day. The dogs get walked, but only once a day. It’s enough – for all of us.

GIFT FAIR. I have plans for my Shopify site and want to find more local manufacturers in order to include more product choices using my images. I am looking forward to finding inspiration at the gift fair. And inspiration was found. The event is, by design, overwhelming. Lots of research will keep me busy for the next couple of months.

* * * * *

I quite enjoy these “goal” posts. They keep me motivated and accountable. A great combination!