g*list | october

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  1. grateful. to kenda for fixing the blog! i’m definitely a user of technology. how it works? i haven’t a clue.
  2. grateful. for a dip in the temperature and humidity. i hope it stays cooler. (ugh, just had to wait a few days.)
  3. grateful. my boys are together at cole’s condo in toronto watching the habs vs leafs hockey season opener.
  4. grateful. as my day got away from me, my friend waited at lunch – i was running 1/2 hour late.
  5. grateful. the backyard is complete and the final invoice has been paid. it makes me so happy.
  6. grateful. jonathan’s is our family favourite “fancy” restaurant. so happy to be back for dinner.
  7. grateful. cole and caden cleared out the shelving so the storage locker is now 100% empty.
  8. grateful. to have all of my kids at home, under our roof, to celebrate thanksgiving together.
  9. grateful. i can cancel everything when i’m feeling too awful to go to class. i overdid the sugar yesterday.
  10. grateful. i’m moving much better during (and after) my workouts with jackie. clearly something is working.
  11. grateful. phil collins in concert was spectacular. sad that he is suffering but glad to have seen him.
  12. grateful. lunch with kenda and erica – i’m trying to “sell” the oakville club to have friends there with me.
  13. grateful. quiet day filled with tea, dogs and writing. and watching snapchats from claire in la.
  14. grateful. to have found a shoe brand that fits me well with high arches. dressy boots ordered.
  15. grateful. the gift given by my future self was a crystal fountain pen filled with stories cool, eh?
  16. grateful. to meet members of the west harbour residents association – and candidate presentations.
  17. grateful. sound reiki level II session one was so interesting. this modality can fit into all kinds of healing.
  18. grateful. started acupuncture and hopeful that it will work. kind of nice to meditate for another half hour.
  19. grateful. to have picked up my very first pair of prescription sunglasses. glad it’s a sunny day!
  20. grateful. hosted a family farewell for my bonus child taylor and his pregnant wife, claudia. off to the maritimes!
  21. grateful. created my sigil for our serendipity group just in the nick of time! fun digging out crafty supplies.
  22. grateful. election day brought about zero changes in my world – better the devil you know?
  23. grateful. cloud 9 came out to assist with the switch to bell fibe and now my speakers are working, too!
  24. grateful. lunch with lynne at the kerr street cafe – so fun to catch up when she is in town.
  25. grateful. oracle card party – plenty of insight for all of us. hopefully the first of many woo gatherings!
  26. grateful. used the thumper machine to release myofacia in my hips. it felt so good. more please.
  27. grateful. rainy and windy days are ideal for tea, blankets, writing and laundry. lovely day.
  28. grateful. went to a cooking demo at elaine’s. happy to see friends and support lesley in her epicure endeavour.
  29. grateful. participating in danielle laporte’s free + clear has been a wonderful experience – halfway through.
  30. grateful. “in conversation with” series at the oakville centre. dave williams was interesting.
  31. grateful. i celebrate samhain and part of it is the annual viewing of “practical magic” – it makes me happy.

What about you? For what are you the most grateful this October?