g*list | november

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  1. grateful. for friends willing to take my temple grandin tickets. i just couldn’t go.
  2. grateful. for shack shine who came to clean the gutters and wash the windows.
  3. grateful. to attend a writing retreat at the briars in jackson’s point. so good.
  4. grateful. to my son, the editor, who helped me put my whole story in perspective.
  5. grateful. my boys wanted to spend part of their reading week with chloé in edinburgh.
  6. grateful. to receive helpful criticism for my long piece at my writing class. onward.
  7. grateful. for headshots – it’s time to refresh and update.
  8. grateful. to enjoy weekly sacral cranial massage and acupuncture with edwin – makes me feel better.
  9. grateful. meeting a long-time friend for a catch-up is wonderful. enjoying anne’s successes.
  10. grateful. for the arrival of gorgeous scarves using my images. now to make some choices.
  11. grateful. the boys are home with lots of stories of their scotland adventures with and without chloé.
  12. grateful. for a quick visit with helen who came to clear out 3 bags of magazines for her vision boards!
  13. grateful. divorcaversary number 5. beyond grateful for the life i live now.
  14. grateful. choosing master bath fixtures. time to make that room function (for the first time)!
  15. grateful. new wine glasses – identical to those i fell in love with at cadiz in edinburgh.
  16. grateful. the beach at isle of palms, sc is breathtaking, unlike any i’ve seen before.
  17. grateful. for photos of tuck and finn who enjoyed participating in the santa claus parade.
  18. grateful. to spend a remarkable few days with a great group at the dreamquest mastermind weekend.
  19. grateful. 7700+ steps, 2 hours, 3 miles, 250 photos and one big blister. Charleston is lovely.
  20. grateful. magnolia plantation is incredible. 300+ photos taken.
  21. grateful. for the first-ever landing over the lake, the views of downtown were spectacular!
  22. grateful. to see david posen at ace coworking (fabulous place!) authenticity really is my thing.
  23. grateful. a releasing of energetic baggage that i no longer need to carry on the full mourning moon.
  24. grateful. for the kind souls who remind me of euchre rules at elaine’s not-to-miss bi-annual event.
  25. grateful. to be part of the process regarding my kids life choices. in the end they’ll do what they want.
  26. grateful. for a wonderful editor who is also my son. he’s a great cheerleader, too!
  27. grateful. for a day spent in pajamas. cancelled plans to read and write and drink tea all day.
  28. grateful. we’ve had tucker for three years! life wouldn’t be the same without him. sweet pea.
  29. grateful. to share lunch with my writing ladies at emma’s back porch in burlington.
  30. grateful. for another full month. i keep learning and that’s so much fun. there’s always more.

What about you? For what are you the most grateful this November?