g*list | december

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  1. grateful. i watched ‘the holiday’ for the first time. enjoying more cheesy holiday movies. so many tissues!
  2. grateful. to host friends who enjoyed my epicure event! sometimes i forget how much i enjoy entertaining.
  3. grateful. for my beastie boys finally making it to the groomer. they look so good now.
  4. grateful. to enjoy an after-course get together at a pub in burlington. nice new tradition.
  5. grateful. caden speaks with me to help him process decisions. it’s his first year at uni, things are going to change.
  6. grateful. to welcome chloé home from edinburgh for a few weeks holiday break.
  7. grateful. for maintenance day at zenbar. krista and claudia are the best, love how they take care of me.
  8. grateful. for figuring out the changes to wordpress, kinda, sorta. i’ll figure it out.
  9. grateful. to enjoy my annual ladies holiday lunch at piazza bistro – honestly, the best food and value in town.
  10. grateful. to hear from claire about her lunch with my dad. i love that they enjoy spending time together.
  11. grateful. to have finalized the timing of all of the family christmas events coming up in the next couple of weeks.
  12. grateful. caden has only one exam – environmental studies – and then he’ll be home for his winter break.
  13. grateful. to be joined for our annual christmas shopping spree at oakville place. you’ll find me at the bar!
  14. grateful. after almost five years claire had her braces removed. a beautiful girl with them and now even more so!
  15. grateful. cirque du soleil is so incredible. i think i held my breath for the entire performance. it was amazing.
  16. grateful. sound reiki® clearing is powerful stuff. i love that i have this new tool in my woo-belt! big plans ahead.
  17. grateful. mumford and sons. omg. spectacular. biggest kitchen party ever and a joy to behold. the words …
  18. grateful. dad and daughter lunch is always fun. rjc seems to be in good spirits which is always a good thing.
  19. grateful. all too quick visit with lynne at a random starbucks in mississauga. worth the drive!
  20. grateful. to be a mama. my first baby turns 23 today. how is that possible? what an adventure this has been!
  21. grateful. for our annual family party. ava gets the prize for being the best mc yet. precocious for the win.
  22. grateful. to find ourselves at spice island beach resort, granada, west indies – the 6:30am flight was worth it.
  23. grateful. to receive notes from jessica who had both tuck and finn pose with santa. great shots!
  24. grateful. to have finished a book in only a few days. normally i’m a slow reader or maybe it’s the content.
  25. grateful. to feel no scramble this morning. such a joy to wake up and not celebrate commercial christmas.
  26. grateful. for traditions to continue: the world junior hockey championships from vancouver – in grenada!
  27. grateful. to have an underwater camera, and kids who indulge me in taking photos of them – still.
  28. grateful. watching chloé join the local talent and her drumming on stage. what a smile. she lit it up!
  29. grateful. home. so happy to be back. my home is so warm and welcoming. i love it.
  30. grateful. even after a week together my kids want to spend time with me. early nye. take out and catan.
  31. grateful. reflecting on a full year enjoyed and welcoming the promises of the new year.

What about you? For what are you the most grateful this June?