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To continue creating the life I desire, I am taking Danielle LaPorte‘s weekly prompts and instead of writing them in a private journal, I will share them here each week. This year I fully embrace the idea that “there is no need to be perfect to inspire others; let others get inspiration by how you deal with your imperfections.” You will find plenty!
Feel free to join me!

WEEK 05: With your Core Desired Feelings at the top of your mind, what can you put on your STOP DOING list? What’s not serving you anymore? Start small with one thing that you want to stop doing for the next week. What new space does that open up in your life?

I want to STOP checking social media – specifically (non-classroom) Facebook – every time I sit down to work on my computer. I think I might have to remove it and have sites available only on my phone. I hope that this will open space for more productivity and less wasted time. If I’m going to take time to read I’d rather it be a good book!

Now, just in case you think this is the only thing I could think of to add to my stop doing list, let me assure you I had plenty of choices: stop being unproductive/lazy, stop overspending, stop second guessing myself, stop making assumptions (past behaviour does not always predict current or future choices), stop drinking my calories, stop complaining (because past behaviour can sometimes predict current behaviour), stop playing and thinking small, stop doing anything that does not serve my highest good or that of my children, stop focusing on the past and future, stop skipping things that I know are good for me (meditation, workouts, walks), stop thinking opinions of others is truth, stop trying to solve problems that aren’t mine (not my pig, not my farm), stop staying inside all day, stop multi-tasking … and the list goes on!



A few years ago I discovered The Desire Map written by Danielle LaPorte. That lead to my hosting a book club which was well attended and meaningful to a number of the participants. I eventually became a Desire Map Facilitator and it fit in nicely to my Clarity Coaching practice. I taught many clients, family and friends, individually and in groups, how to discover their Core Desired Feelings – a difficult and worthy process filled with epiphanies and tears. I do provide tissues!
I continue to embrace my same word choices the meanings of which have evolved and grown with me. They were determined by how I want to feel, every day: WHOLE. Daily I am faced with numerous choices and challenges. I use my CDFs as a heart compass, a barometer to decide whether or not an opportunity is in alignment with my beliefs and wants in my every day. Those Core Desired Feelings are: ALLOW, CONNECT, EXPAND, GRACE and TRUST. Any and all decisions must meet all of my CDFs or my response is a regret-free “no”. This process has brought much ease and authenticity to my life.
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  1. Mary Cudney

    Hi I have just joined the Real Love Revolution course with Terri Cole. Do you want the link? I am convinced at the end of this course I will have learned to love myself and remove all the limiting subconscious beliefs I have about myself and life in general. The registration closes Feb 4.
    If you don’t want to do it this year, I will let you know how it goes. Hugs Mary

    • Lee

      Thanks Mary, I have the link. I’ve taken a couple of her courses and they’re all variations on the same theme. I hope you love it – and then love you – because what’s not to love? Be sure to let me know how it goes. My current course has been integral to me facing the daemons and putting everything in it’s right place. Onward and upward with love and joy! xoL