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To continue creating the life I desire, I am taking Danielle LaPorte‘s weekly prompts and instead of writing them in a private journal, I will share them here each week. This year I fully embrace the idea that “there is no need to be perfect to inspire others; let others get inspiration by how you deal with your imperfections.” You will find plenty!
Feel free to join me!

WEEK 06: When you look back on your previous week, do you notice that you focused more on one Core Desired Feeling over the rest? What do you think drew you to that feeling?

If not, is there a CDF you really want to pay attention to in the week ahead? Maybe a desired feeling that you felt was neglected last week?

Last week was a pretty good one allowing me to really enjoy my Core Desired Feelings. So much ease when I allow them to take on the burden of decisions – especially those decisions I don’t particularly want to make.

Since the start of the year, I have incorporated new eating program (a combination of two tried and true ideas – nothing outrageous), soon to be taking supplements, and Jackie comes to my house to beat me up, in the nicest way possible (I feel my obliques even sitting still), for an hour three times a week. I am participating in the FIT program with Cathy Zielske and a group of lovely women online – as well as the V Shred for Women group. I was incredibly disappointed when I stepped on the scale last week to realize that I had gained 5 pounds. It’s not muscle weight, we’re not doing enough weight work for that to be the case (and at 139 pounds lean muscle mass, I don’t want to gain any more muscle). I was well and truly crushed. I shared my disappointment with Jackie who agreed it makes no sense. The whole weight loss thing is really a conundrum for both of us.

For all intents and purposes I trust that though my focus is not weight loss it is about moving with more confidence: flexibility and strength. Over the past few years I have expanded my knowledge on the whole healthy eating weight loss dynamic and I allow that this journey will be what it will be. I connect with genuine lovely people who do not judge me for or define me by my weight and accept me regardless. It is with grace that I accept the assistance of programs and people who help me – and the regular failure. I focus on the positives, and they are plenty.

Going forward I’d like to focus on GRACE. Who knows? I might want to change up my CDFs a bit.



A few years ago I discovered The Desire Map written by Danielle LaPorte. That lead to my hosting a book club which was well attended and meaningful to a number of the participants. I eventually became a Desire Map Facilitator and it fit in nicely to my Clarity Coaching practice. I taught many clients, family and friends, individually and in groups, how to discover their Core Desired Feelings – a difficult and worthy process filled with epiphanies and tears. I do provide tissues!
I continue to embrace my same word choices the meanings of which have evolved and grown with me. They were determined by how I want to feel, every day: WHOLE. Daily I am faced with numerous choices and challenges. I use my CDFs as a heart compass, a barometer to decide whether or not an opportunity is in alignment with my beliefs and wants in my every day. Those Core Desired Feelings are: ALLOW, CONNECT, EXPAND, GRACE and TRUST. Any and all decisions must meet all of my CDFs or my response is a regret-free “no”. This process has brought much ease and authenticity to my life.
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