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There is a lot of inspiration on line. Overflowing! I’m learning to pick and choose the things that work for me. Sometimes those who have inspired me in the past continue to inspire, others have run their course and I greatly benefit every day from the lessons learned from them.

Danielle LaPorte is a favourite of mine and has been for many years. She is fierce. And brilliant. At first I was startled, fascinated and judgemental of her in-your-face approach to life. I have become a full fledged fan over the past half dozen years. I am often on the sidelines of her blog, Facebook page and my bookshelf is filled with her words – I am happy to cheer her on and gleen what I can.

I bought my Desire Map on-line a couple of years ago and I couldn’t put it down. I was thrilled that last year the book was fully distributed and available in book stores! More thrilled to have been chosen to be a leader in the Desire Map biggest book club ever which started in early January 2013. What a tremendous experience! By October 2014 I had purchased my license to be a full fledged Desire Map facilitator and my workshops start in mid-January of 2015. I am excited and terrified!

Over on the Desire Map site, there was a short-lived then quickly improved plan to provide writing/thinking/consider prompts. Sometimes the fluidity of Danielle LaPorte’s approach is a blessing and sometimes it’s frustrating. An idea can resonate fully and then disappear into the ether – blink and it’s gone! Sometimes to make way for something better. Sometimes not.

I appreciate and fully support that there is a constant push to be more real. More authentic. More genuine. More vulnerable. More public.

The past couple of years have been filled with all manner of scary stuff, so this is just one more challenge on this delicious journey of mine. It’s time again for me to “shine your light any way you want”. LOVE THAT.

Let’s start from the start:

How do you feel about destroying what must be destroyed in your life?

I have enjoyed what has been a long period of positive transition. I have destroyed a lot in the last few years. There is always more to purge, but that proverbial light is getting closer. Even though I have built a lot of very good things in the last couple of years there is still plenty more to destroy. The destruction makes room for more good.

Destroyed: My tendency toward unhealthy relationships: spending time with people who treat me like I am not good enough and I should consider myself fortunate to be in their presence. The fact is now I know I am ‘good enough’ and now surround myself with those who believe and practice it. At least I am now much more aware, I recognize toxic and escape more quickly.

Destroyed: My belief and active practice of the word “can’t”. I can’t go to this event, that movie or that activity. I can’t lose weight. I can’t get healthy. I can’t have a relationship. I can’t measure up to the “mean girls” – who are, like me, past 50! I can’t survive and thrive in yoga or meditation. I can’t open a new business. I can’t learn “real” photography. I can’t write a book. I can’t, I can’t I can’t. WRONG. I can, and I know I can.

Destroyed: My use of the word “should”. I have no business heaping that word on anyone. It implies control, guilt, shame and judgment. There is no should. Really. It is just not said in my home.

Destroyed: My need to over-commit – to myself. I know how to say “no” to just about everyone but my children, father and sisters. Note: They are also the least demanding people in my life. I over-commit to projects that I really want to do, but overwhelm myself and then live in paralysis and then disappointment when I don’t complete the project, the course, the plan.

Destroyed: My sense of doubt. My renewed dedication to authenticity, awareness and love is possible. Right here, existing in front of me with all that is accessible. I have to stay open to receive everything I am not consciously aware of now. I must be far more aware of my reactions to people and events and encourage patience and kindness, keeping my inner-voice criticism to a minimum.

Destroyed: My ego. It’s time to live fully outside ego. It’s beyond time for me to embrace fully love, compassion, empathy, passion, joy and healing – especially toward those who do not feel the same toward me. I’m almost there – it is just within reach.

How do I feel about all of this destruction? FEARLESS.

How do you feel?