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To continue creating the life I desire, I am taking Danielle LaPorte‘s weekly prompts and instead of writing them in a private journal, I will share them here each week. This year I fully embrace the idea that “there is no need to be perfect to inspire others; let others get inspiration by how you deal with your imperfections.” There will be plenty.
Feel free to join me!

WEEK 02: With your Core Desired Feelings in your heart, outline your ideal week or daily schedule for the week ahead. What will you plan that will help you feel the way you want to feel?

Let me start by professing the reality that my days do not flow like everyone else. I do not have a 9 to 5 job. I do not have career constraints. I am a writer. I am a photographer. I am an oracle guide, intuitive coach, clarity facilitator. Ideally my days would start at 10AM and I would go to bed around 2AM. That still leaves time for a good 8-hours of shut-eye.

I’m in that fortunate stage of life that there is very little difference in the days between Monday and Sunday. Routine is what I make of it. There is no reason for me to not have my ideal day or week, yet, I find I am reluctant to do so. Maybe it’s the constraints of a particular work ethic that has been drilled into me that I can’t seem to shake? Maybe it’s the belief that I’m not worthy of the life I have. Whatever it is, I’m going to outline my ideal day and do what I can to make sure it happens! (NOTE: I did make an effort to do this while my kids were home so that if the dogs needed attention they’d get it from someone. Finn is reluctant to make any change and is making his displeasure known as only a dog can.)

My days are often dedicated to specific activities:

MONDAY: Photography and Digital Art Projects – either leaving the house or working on the computer.

TUESDAY: Writing and Blogging Projects – sometimes I do research which takes me to some interesting places.

WEDNESDAY: Website updates, Shopify updates (front and back end), contact clients, answer non-urgent business emails, order inventory, check-in with Kenda (graphic/web design goddess) – at least, this is the plan after I attend the Toronto Gift Show later in the month.

THURSDAY: Unplug: this is a Think Day. Anne Lamott said, “almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” This is also the day the cleaning team comes by, such a great day.

FRIDAY: Errands & Self Care. (aka Grocery Shopping, then spend time at Euphoria and Zenbar.) During the summer this also means the lawn and garden maintenance people make my outdoor space look wonderful.

SATURDAY: Family & Friends time. Either visiting in Toronto or having everyone out to Oakville.

SUNDAY: SoundReiki® clearings – for clients as well as personal. I’d also like to introduce a Sunday Soak in the evening with Himalayan salts or infused sea salts and candlelight to help bring me back to balance and refresh me for the week ahead.


Within each day, ideally, wearing pajamas or athleisure wear:

10AM | Wake up and welcome the day! Give thanks. Stretch. Let dogs out. Dress. Draw oracle card. Meditate. Drink first of many cups of green tea. Write morning pages. (Wow. That is a lot for first thing no matter how early or late it is!)

11AM | Breakfast (for me and pups). Household chores (laundry, dishes). Consult household projects list and complete one – or two.

12PM | Take pups for “Queen of All” walk around neighbourhood and perimeter of cemetery (regardless of weather – remember, there is no bad weather, just bad clothing choices!).

01PM | Open computer. Answer emails. Connect on Instagram and Facebook. Jackie (personal trainer) arrives for an hour session

02PM | Lunch/after workout snack.

03PM | Read current novel/writing class reading and editing assignment.

04PM | Take a nap.

05PM | Edit what I wrote last night/work on projects.

06PM | Edit what I wrote last night/work on projects.

07PM | Dinner (for me and pups). Followed by a walk around the block.

08PM | Open computer. Answer emails. Connect on Instagram and Facebook.

09PM | Watch TV or Netflix or Amazon Prime. Better? Read more.

10PM | Meditate. Write.

11PM | Write.

12AM | Write.

01AM | Nighttime routine. Dogs out for one last poop and put to bed. Clean up. Brush. Change.

02AM | Lights out!


Within the context of all of the above, I’m always up for calls from my kids or sisters, visits and dinner with friends, writing classes with Brian Henry or University of Toronto Continuing Studies. I’ve scaled back a number of my commitments and plan to focus more on the things that resonate with my Core Desired Feelings. There is nothing in the flow of my days that I need to rigidly adhere to in order to have a complete and fulfilling day. It took a long time to get here, but here I am.



A few years ago I discovered The Desire Map written by Danielle LaPorte. That lead to my hosting a book club which was well attended and meaningful to a number of the participants. I eventually became a Desire Map Facilitator and it fit in nicely to my Clarity Coaching practice. I taught many clients, family and friends, individually and in groups, how to discover their Core Desired Feelings – a difficult and worthy process filled with epiphanies and tears. I do provide tissues!
I continue to embrace my same word choices the meanings of which have evolved and grown with me. They were determined by how I want to feel, every day: WHOLE. Daily I am faced with numerous choices and challenges. I use my CDFs as a heart compass, a barometer to decide whether or not an opportunity is in alignment with my beliefs and wants in my every day. Those Core Desired Feelings are: ALLOW, CONNECT, EXPAND, GRACE and TRUST. Any and all decisions must meet all of my CDFs or my response is a regret-free “no”. This process has brought much ease and authenticity to my life.
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