DESIRE MAP | From Micro to Macro

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To continue creating the life I desire, I am taking Danielle LaPorte‘s weekly prompts and instead of writing them in a private journal, I will share them here each week. This year I fully embrace the idea that “there is no need to be perfect to inspire others; let others get inspiration by how you deal with your imperfections.” You will find plenty!
Feel free to join me!

WEEK 01: With each Core Desired Feeling in mind, write down two micro and two macro intentions for this week to feel the way you want to feel.


Snow tires on the truck. Not that we’re expecting an abnormally snowy winter here in Southern Ontario but I have a big drive across the I-90 coming up and it is notorious for snow squalls and bad weather conditions. In actual fact I’ve never had snow tires on any vehicle – even during the years I lived in Calgary and drove to the mountains every winter weekend. This is a completely new experience.

Year In The Life Books. Finish off November and December 2018 pages and submit completed book to Adoramapix for printing. Remember to proofread! While I’m on a roll, create the 2017 book I forgot to complete last year and submit it for printing, too. I love that Cathy Zielske’s process makes it possible for me to even consider creating a whole year of photos + stories in a few days!


Create a home improvement plan. Time to take a walk through the house, room by room, and put together an intention for everything: What do I need to keep, what needs to be tossed, what needs to be packed away for each kid. From ceiling to floor, from closets to drawers. It’s time to put the process in motion for my home to be exactly how I want it to be.

Create a reading list. Though I don’t yet have the reading list for my upcoming UofT Continuing Studies course Creative Writing Through Reading, I have an intention of reading more fiction through the year. Read what you want to write, right? My plan is to write elevated women’s commercial fiction à la Liane Moriarty or Alice Hoffman. I am a notoriously slow reader but I’d like to get through at least two novels a month. I’m buoyed by the fact I read Once Upon A River (432 pages) by Diane Setterfield (I’d rate it a 4-/5) in three days over the holiday break! I hope to read at least two books every month through December. Now to put the plan together!


POSITIVE DECLARATION OF THE WEEK: The world needs what I have to give.

A few years ago I discovered The Desire Map written by Danielle LaPorte. That lead to my hosting a book club which was well attended and meaningful to a number of the participants. I eventually became a Desire Map Facilitator and it fit in nicely to my Clarity Coaching practice. I taught many clients, family and friends, individually and in groups, how to discover their Core Desired Feelings – a difficult and worthy process filled with epiphanies and tears. I do provide tissues!
I continue to embrace my same word choices the meanings of which have evolved and grown with me. They were determined by how I want to feel, every day: WHOLE. Daily I am faced with numerous choices and challenges. I use my CDFs as a heart compass, a barometer to decide whether or not an opportunity is in alignment with my beliefs and wants in my every day. Those Core Desired Feelings are: ALLOW, CONNECT, EXPAND, GRACE and TRUST. Any and all decisions must meet all of my CDFs or my response is a regret-free “no”. This process has brought much ease and authenticity to my life.
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