CURRENT | October 2017

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I keep meaning to keep up with sharing my Current posts but often feel they compete with my A Look Back or my Day in the Life posts. I don’t want my content to be boring or redundant! That being said, I have changed up the format a bit the last couple of posts, more photos, more words that contain more of an explanation rather than more categories. In fact, there are less -ing moments!


I cannot adequately express how much I enjoy painting. Barb is a great teacher and Jenni has a lovely studio and everyone in the class is supportive, helpful and creative. I never liked painting before now though I have tried both watercolours (too unpredictable and messy) and acrylics (always dried way too fast). These water soluble oils are amazing! Now to figure out how to start with enough paint on the palette to last as long as I need them.


Worth it? I’m sure it will be. In the meantime the recovery has been tedious, and for an impatient person, pretty close to torture! I’ve lost count of how many sterile pads, maxi pads and tape rolls I’ve gone through. Though for the first time in my life I’ve emptied a tube of Polysporin, in fact, I’ve used up three! I am happy that I can now (finally) sleep on my side.


What a joy to watch this lovely young couple, so well suited for each other, take the leap into marriage. Taylor is my bonus child (son of my cousin) and he’s been a big part of our lives since moving up from the Maritimes to attend McMaster for his graduate studies. We are so happy he found Claudia! And that Claudia found Taylor.


I often feel overwhelmed with the many year-end reflective projects available. I love all of them! First, there are so many choices AND it never leaves me enough time to plan for the year ahead by incorporating what I’ve learned I want more of or less of as revealed by the projects. THIS one, by Danielle LaPorte has taken the timing into consideration and her 6-week (FREE) course started last week.


My favourite juice placed closed and no one is making Ben’s recipes – such a shame. Instead of supporting one of the big juice companies, I’ve decided to choose the small juicery in downtown Oakville. So far, so good. Very yummy. I have been pretty bad at keeping up with my fruits and vegetable intake and hope to balance that out, especially over the winter months.


I’m not sure who is training and caring for whom around here. We are certainly getting into a routine. Tucker and Finn sleep in their respective cages in the living room and I wake in the morning – around 7:30AM – to Finn yelping quietly. Groggily, I make it down the stairs and put them outside to do their business. While they’re outside I set out their food dishes and fresh water. They tear back into the house to the dishes as though they’ve never seen food before, though they get fed three times a day! Then the game of in-and-out and in-and-out all day with the occasional nap (for them) or car ride to break things up. They both enjoy going to the car wash, when people come to visit and our trips to Toronto to visit my sister’s two Portuguese Water dogs. Neither likes bringing the ball back and they play keep-away with me and tug with a dish rag with each other a few times a day. After one last walk or play out in the back yard they are put to bed for 10:30PM latest and we start all over again the next morning.


After a big clean up (inspired by my Applied Astrology course homework) my space is all tidy and ready for my ideas to formulate themselves and find space to grow on the computer or the forever-present pad of quad paper. I came up with some (I think) really good ideas while at my writing retreat in September and continue to plug away at them. I can only hope they end up as awesome on the page as they are in my head!

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DATELINE: Oakville, Ontario, CANADA @ 8:37AM on 06 October 2017
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MOOD: Happy and full.