CURRENT | November 2014

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DATELINE: Oakville, Ontario, Canada @ 9:45PM on 26 November 2014

WEATHER OUTSIDE: An unexpected +2C  – it feels colder, yep, windchill!

MOOD INSIDE: A bit of overwhelm, exams are coming up


DRINKING | A cup of steaming hot Earl Grey tea,

EATING | With a couple of Walker’s shortbread cookies.

EMBRACING | Study season. Both Chloé and Caden are putting together study notes for their upcoming exams.

ENJOYING | The satisfaction that comes with a finished calendar for the upcoming year: events, travel, courses.

COOKING | Far too much chicken. Time to change things up!

TRYING | Many different metaphysical approaches to understanding the universe – enjoying most of it.

MISSING | Both Claire and Cole – away at school. I know it’s my “new normal” but I dislike not having them here when they need a hug or I want to share a funny story.

FEELING | Tremendously excited about my new business! The new website. The upcoming workshops. This process has been so heart-felt and heart-opening, I look forward to sharing it with anyone looking to connect with their heart!

LISTENING | To Christmas carols? Yes, everywhere I go. Not here in the house – yet. Soon enough though we’ll have Mannheim Steamroller blasting through the house!

WATCHING | The news with shock and awe: Ferguson? Bill Cosby? Buffalo snow storm? Jian Gomeshi? ISIS? Death of Mike Nichols and Pat Quinn 🙁

READING | I keep a journal in my bag and every time I get a kernel of an idea I write it down. These kernels are pretty diverse and include: summer plans, courses to take, investment plans, lecture notes, blog article ideas, photo book plans, entertainment ideas – it’s endless. Most of the stuff in my head ends up in a journal. I’m going through two of them (the last 6-months) and seeing what ideas I can implement!

WEARING | My Hard Tail yoga pants. I know – plus sized yoga pants sound ridiculous, but they’re fantastic! Gotta love a brand that embraces all sizes!

PLANNING | An unexpected trip to the Turks & Caicos next February.

WANTING | More hours in the day and the ability to get through life on no sleep! But, I love my bed, I love sleep, so that would be silly.

NEEDING | To clean the kitchen, fold the laundry and vacuum the stairs.

WISHING | The townhouse would find someone to love it as much as I did when I lived there.

WAITING | For the doctor to give me the results of my most recent tests. Fingers crossed!

THINKING | I am on the right track and learning a ton of things I’ve always been curious about but stuck on how to go about

ENJOYING | Right now. Things are falling into place. I’m embracing the ease in my life that comes with: CONNECT, TRUST, ALLOW, EXPANSIVE AND GRACE. The idea that my choices align with my beliefs is liberating!

ENCOURAGING | Workshops and coaching courses. The best part? Knowing that in January I will know a group of wonderful people who “get it” for themselves, and for their families. It is going to be incredible!

CELEBRATING | Every minute of every day – simply grateful to be here.

CULTIVATING | An incredible network of like-minded entrepreneurs, seekers and healers. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone better in the months and years to come!

MARVELING | At how easy it all feels now that I’ve made my choices and sent my intention to the Universe.

ANTICIPATING | Only good things ahead!


And, TADA, a photo from my week (click on the image to learn more!):