CURRENT | February 2016

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DRINKING | Another glass of sauvignon blanc.

EATING | Not since 7:30PM.

EMBRACING | We have to accept who we are and who whose around us are, too!

ENJOYING | Listening to Chloé, Julia and Caden dealing with Tucker.

COOKING | Nope. They ordered from Pizza Pizza. I heard calls for “meatlovers” and left the room.

TRYING | To walk my talk. So far, I’m succeeding.

MISSING | “Man” conversations. They are so different from those conversations with my girlfriends. How I do miss them. Finance. Sports. Politics. Bad jokes. Not one mention of weight, children or shopping!

FEELING | Encouraged and motivated after Rita Catolino‘s talk at Kathy’s earlier today.

LISTENING | To some ’80s music – feeling nostalgic.

WATCHING | Tucker. He is so silly. This week he’s going crazy for ice cubes and sits in front of the freezer drawer waiting for someone to give him one. They must be warmed up a bit so they don’t stick to him, then he’ll take it. Funny beast.

READING | Course material. LOTS of course material.

WEARING | Pajamas, my favourite wrap and fuzzy slippers.

PLANNING | It’s time for me to put a plan together for the next 10 years. Lots of changes ahead!

WANTING | Fulfillment, ease and love.

NEEDING | To get to a place of comfort in my own skin. I need to be pain-free, flexible and strong.

WISHING | There was an easy way to get there!

WAITING | For the consistent good weather to arrive. In the meantime I’m waiting patiently for the time to pass so I can get back to Tucson!

THINKING | There are so many beautiful words in the English language. I should start using them more. They bring me such joy.

ENJOYING | This incredibly mild winter. I’m sure there will be a cost, but it has been lovely.

ENCOURAGING | Men to decide first. Nest later. Shoulder some risk, man!

CELEBRATING | An emotional week where I won. For me. For her.

MARVELING | At how liberal my outlook has become – in some ways. And I’d still be considered a “stick in the mud” by those who don’t feel me progressive “enough”.

ANTICIPATING | The week ahead as it is filled with crazy and full and laughter and love.

CULTIVATING | A life filled with like-minded loving and caring people who are supportive and kind.


DATELINE: Oakville, Ontario, CANADA @ 11:11PM on 06 February 2016

WEATHER OUTSIDE: Mild. Still. -7C.

MOOD: Reflective.

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  1. Helen

    I always have a smile after I read what you have written!

    • Lee

      Thanks Helen – I’m glad you still have a smile even when you know all of the backstory to all of the -ings! xoL