HELLO MONDAY | 10.12.18

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HELLO HOLIDAY PREP | Around here that consists of making sure there is plenty of favourite foods in the fridge, sheets and towels are fresh, treats are readily available and all required baking ingredients have been purchased.  HELLO BOOTS BY … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | 03.12.18

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HELLO FINAL ASSIGNMENT | Sent it in. Fingers crossed it is good – hoping to see a “P” when the marks come in! I’m working hard to get my Creative Writing certification from U of T. HELLO GROOMER | Both … Read More

g*list | november

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grateful. for friends willing to take my temple grandin tickets. i just couldn’t go. grateful. for shack shine who came to clean the gutters and wash the windows. grateful. to attend a writing retreat at the briars in jackson’s point. … Read More

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