HELLO MONDAY | 07.01.19

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HELLO EMPTY CALENDAR | Wow! With little exception, this first full week of January looks barren. I kind of like the idea of a few days where I’m able to do what I want when I want. It’s like being … Read More

GOALS | January 2019


JANUARY 2019 KRIPALU. I’m taking Chloé to see (but mostly hear) Colette Baron-Reid. The theme of the weekend is Your Year of Divine Destiny. I look forward to what Chloé gets out of the weekend through readings, intuitive coaching, exercises, … Read More

g*list | december

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grateful. i watched ‘the holiday’ for the first time. enjoying more cheesy holiday movies. so many tissues! grateful. to host friends who enjoyed my epicure event! sometimes i forget how much i enjoy entertaining. grateful. for my beastie boys finally … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | 31.12.18

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HELLO NEW YEAR’S EVE | Most years I look forward to board games, bingo and Chinese take out with the kids. This year I’ll be hanging at home with the pups, some good champagne and the take out leftovers from … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | 24.12.17

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HELLO READING | There are a couple of books – physical volumes – I purchased over the year that are in my to-be-read pile. Now they are in my to-be-packed pile. I’m excited that they’re closer to being consumed! I’m … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | 17.12.18

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HELLO MUMFORD AND SONS | I am beyond excited to see this band, live!  HELLO DAD & DAUGHTERS LUNCH | As we do a few times a year my sisters and I gather with our dad to enjoy lunch and … Read More

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