HELLO MONDAY | 15.10.18

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HELLO DREAMQUEST CALL | I always enjoy what Doug Upchurch has to say. HELLO RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION | Time to get more involved in my neighbourhood since I plan to be here a good long while. There’ll also be a candidates … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | 08.10.18

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HELLO THANKSGIVING | Beyond wonderful to have all four of my kids here at home with me for the long weekend. The dogs are beside themselves with joy. Bonus? My sister, BIL and nephew came out to visit, twice! HELLO … Read More

GOALS | October 2018


OCTOBER 2018 WEBSITE UPDATE: As my focus moves away from Desire Map facilitation and clarity coaching (clients really do not want to do the work and I’m tired of being the one tossing and turning on their behalf) and more … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | 01.10.18

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HELLO OCTOBER | It came in blustery, cold and wet. I’m thrilled! HELLO WRITING | I’ve submitted my first long piece for my new Intensive Creative Writing group for critique. I’m really hoping for some constructive feedback for this novel-in-progress. … Read More

g*list | september

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grateful. chloé has landed and is all settled into her new flat in edinburgh. the challenge of homey begins! grateful. mums don’t get many parenting report cards. to me my empty nest means i’ve done something well. grateful. for a … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | 24.09.18

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HELLO FULL MOON | What do you release this cycle? I have a big declaration and look forward to what my Oracle Card spread has to tell me. Let’s hope it’s all in alignment! HELLO FORECAST | I enjoy the … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | on Tuesday 18.09.18

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HELLO TUESDAY | Monday was a long day after a wonderful week of travel, sightseeing and exploring with my sister (and occasionally Chloé) in Scotland. What an incredible time enjoyed. I gained an extra 5 hours on my return which … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | 10.09.18

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HELLO DAD & DAUGHTERS LUNCH | I enjoy our once-every-few-months lunch. It gives us all a casual opportunity to catch up with what’s going on in our lives and that of our kids. HELLO MEDITATION | I was having a … Read More

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