HELLO MONDAY | 19.03.18

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HELLO CHIROPRACTOR | My progress exam is this week. Hopefully by my maintaining a 4-adjustments per week schedule and sticking with all of the extra exercises we’ll discover some real progress. HELLO P!NK | Excited to see her at the … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | 12.03.18

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HELLO DAY IN THE LIFE | Most of our lives are lived in small, seemingly insignificant, moments. It’s important to me to capture and record not just the highlights of my life but the ordinary of it, too. Upon reflection … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | 05.03.18

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HELLO REPAIR | My garage has been a bit of a headache over the last while. I’m looking forward to getting the doors working properly – and maybe run a bit quieter. Checking more boxes! HELLO RELEASE | There is … Read More

GOALS | March 2018


MARCH 2018 SETTLE IN. Cole moved into his apartment on the first of the month. So much planning! Our goal is to make sure he has his clothes, books, bed/mattress, couch, dining table and chairs, bookshelves, kitchenware and television all … Read More

g*list | february

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grateful. for first-of-the-month updates from all of the courses i take online that make me excited to do more. grateful. principles of physics written in plain english. i just might finally understand, in a simple way. grateful. the dogs weren’t … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | 26.02.18

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HELLO FULL WEEK AHEAD | I am enjoying how my days are full. With mindful intention I crafted my winter days so that I would (as much as I’m naturally inclined) not hibernate at home in a pair of pajamas … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | 19.02.18

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HELLO CADEN | I’m looking forward to welcoming him home from Edinburgh, maybe catch a quick dinner and then take him back to boarding. I hope he had a good visit with his sister! The story shares look like fun! … Read More

WORDS | 100 Words of NOW

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Winter. Cold. Snow. Blowing. Windchill. Garage. Melting. Drain. Overflow. Soggy. Snirt. Olympics. Metals. Pride. Judging. Confusion. Questions. Politics. Obscure. Dedication. Awe. Team. Individual. Skating. Memories. Chaffing. Laughter. Choices. Integration. Sovereignty. Reclaim. Astrology. Courses. Myth. Vision. Calls. Journey. Calendar. Stamps. Ink. … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | 12.02.18

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HELLO OLYMPICS | Even though they started before the Opening Ceremonies and a few decisions I don’t understand (Olympic Athletes from Russia?) I’m looking forward to watching all the weird and wonderful sporting events ahead. My TV will be tuned … Read More

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