HELLO MONDAY | 24.09.18

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HELLO FULL MOON | What do you release this cycle? I have a big declaration and look forward to what my Oracle Card spread has to tell me. Let’s hope it’s all in alignment! HELLO FORECAST | I enjoy the … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | on Tuesday 18.09.18

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HELLO TUESDAY | Monday was a long day after a wonderful week of travel, sightseeing and exploring with my sister (and occasionally Chloé) in Scotland. What an incredible time enjoyed. I gained an extra 5 hours on my return which … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | 10.09.18

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HELLO DAD & DAUGHTERS LUNCH | I enjoy our once-every-few-months lunch. It gives us all a casual opportunity to catch up with what’s going on in our lives and that of our kids. HELLO MEDITATION | I was having a … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | 03.09.18

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HELLO US OPEN TENNIS | We’re in the thick of things now. So fun! HELLO BIRTHDAY | Wow. How’d I get here so quickly? I’d never want to do it again, but there are a few tweaks I’d like to … Read More

g*list | august

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grateful. to book in a full service maintenance crew for the property. a relief! grateful. to enjoy the regular check-in calls from the boys as they drove to cape cod. grateful. for another photography challenge in the form of #augustbreak2018 … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | 27.08.18

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HELLO PROGRESSED MOON INFLUENCE | It will be interesting to learn how my progressed moon is expected to influence my experience in the intensive mastermind program I’m enrolled in over the next six months. HELLO PAINTERS | Anyone who has … Read More



these days i am proud of myself for raising four monarch butterflies from caterpillar to crystalis to beautiful creature. i’m not sure if i’ll do that experiment again. i think i’d prefer to make a butterfly garden next summer! The … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | 20.08.18

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HELLO INVESTMENT PROJECT | I want the kids to learn how to invest so we’ve got a project underway. So many valuable lessons for them in the next few years. (Lesson 1: you don’t get rich earning a salary). Time … Read More

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