HELLO MONDAY | 21.05.18

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HELLO HOLIDAY | The plan was to have the fence up between my home and my neighbour with the kids (and the pool). The weather did not cooperate. I’m hoping by our August long weekend the project will be 100% … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | 14.05.18

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HELLO PROJECT LIFE | Last week was all about recording my life in words and photos. Now? Its time to pull it all together and send it off to get printed. Not sure which is more exciting – living my … Read More

CHALLENGE | April Love 2018

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Susannah Conway puts together photo challenges throughout the year and (miracle of miracles) I managed to play along all through April! I posted all of my daily entries over on Instagram in the hope that I get in the habit … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | 07.05.18

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HELLO WEEK IN THE LIFE | Starts today! This annual project is always so much fun. I’m looking forward to all the little and big stories that will be collected through the week.  HELLO SHERIDAN COLLEGE | I’ve signed up … Read More

GOALS | May 2018


MAY 2018 WEEK IN THE LIFE. My annual Ali Edwards-inspired project will ‘officially’ take place from the 7th through the 15th of the month this year. I never plan anything special for the week in order to keep the integrity … Read More

g*list | april

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grateful. family gatherings. laughing cousins. childhood flashbacks. grateful. vionic shoes have high arches and are incredibly comfortable. grateful. to share brunch with a good friend at the kerr street cafe. grateful. for an all-too-quick visit with helen. must book another, … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | 30.04.18

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HELLO PUPS | As much as they might drive me bonkers with their waking up at the crack of dawn and demands (who taught them to ring those bells?), I do love and miss them when I’m out of town! … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | 23.04.18

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HELLO SOFTBALL SEASON | I look forward to catching a game before the end of the school year. Too few games too far away. Must get to one!  HELLO TAXES | Getting it done for myself is the easy part … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | 16.04.18

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HELLO ROUTINE | After a wonderful few days, Chloé and I are back home from Turks & Caicos. Now it’s back to housework, laundry, chiropractor, write, photograph, walk the dogs, and deal with whatever happens through the week. As much … Read More



these days my backyard is being demolished to make space for more function and beauty this summer and every summer going forward. who needs a cottage? these days the new curtains in the living and dining room have provided some … Read More

HELLO MONDAY | 09.04.18

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HELLO CHLOE | Welcome home! Now to figure out what to do. Well, once your lost bag arrives at the house! HELLO LANDSCAPER | A month early! I implored them to please have the retaining wall and fence complete so … Read More

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