Lee Currie wants to live in a world where every person knows they are worthy of joy, understanding, and acceptance; each day is to be appreciated for the simple things contained within; and, the knowledge that your every dream and goal can be realized.

Lee is a Clarity Coach, speaker and writer for people who know its time to show up, get real and make a change but don’t know how to start or finish the work needed to realize the most confident, authentic and incredible version of themselves. Over the years she has been exposed to some of the finest teachers and courses available. Even with wonderful training, some of her greatest lessons were more organic, learned as a single mother to her four children: Claire 20, Cole 19, Chloé 17 and Caden 16. Her voracious appetite for understanding the world and those in it has her regularly looking for new insights often found, with great delight, in old methods and traditional practices.

Through her insight, experience and tell-it-like-it-is attitude, she will inspire and empower you to shake up your approach to how you live your life — while making the process feel like a fun kick-ass adventure. With Lee, take a journey to self-discovery where you will realize through challenging your limiting beliefs and acceptance of truth, the amazing person you are and gain the confidence to share that brilliance with the world! YOU can create a big bold beautiful life for yourself filled with passion and purpose.

When not clarifying lives, you can find Lee indulging in her practice of Kundalini yoga, reading a book from one of the many stacks littering her home and enjoying the occasional sushi lunch out with friends. On any given day, to maintain her own clarity, she will take a walk through a forest or along the lake or navigate the dynamic urban streets of Toronto, always with camera in hand as a natural light photographer and everyday storyteller.

Her latest adventure has her developing Desire Map Workshops as a freshly minted licensee and devotee to the process of discovering goals with soul and living an authentic life through your Core Desired Feelings.

Get ready to show up and rock your life as the highest most authentic version of you here at leecurrie.com.


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EMail: lee@nextchapterstudio.ca

Telephone: 905.599.4524

Skype: ClarityCoach.LeeCurrie

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